Sunday, April 20, 2014

" The Challenge … "

Now every corner I turn
Seems so unkind
And you're the challenge on my mind
On every corner you turn
There's a heartache
Well, love's a challenge
A chance that you've gotta take
No matter what you
Love is a challenge ...
I'm not lying
No matter what you
~ Christine Mcvie ~ The Challenge ~

The yoga studio I pratice at is currently holding a 30 day challenge.  30 consecutive days of practice.  Inspired by my sister  who completed a 30 day challenge, I know I am not there (YET!!), rather, here are some accounts of a personal 7 day hot yoga challenge that I undertook instead ...

what the yoga instructor speaks
what my lower self speaks
what my higher self speaks

congratulate yourself for meeting yourself at the matt
i did more than that, i am going to do a 7 day challenge!
stay grounded and focused

do not leave the room if you feel dizzy, lie down
i’ll be fine, done this a thousand times
honour your body

rest out when you need to, no need to be hero
rest, schmest ... i’ve done this sooooo many times
if you need to rest out, you just come back stronger

don’t drink any water until the warm up postures are complete
excuse me, i’ll drink when i want to and how much i want to
acknowledge what is being said and trust the instructor

keep breathing, don't hold your breath
it's OK, just wait till the posture is over
listen to your body and just b-r-e-a-t-h

push, push, push to your edge
crap, i’m at my edge and i think i am going to fall
you are stronger than you think

one day, your head will touch the tops of your toes
my toes?  WTF are you talking about?
let your breath be your guide

if it hurts, you are doing it right
holy cow, this is friggin painful
tune in, push back and release 

the feeling if nausea is normal
but it’s not normal to puke in class is it?
remember, this too shall pass ... it always does


As humorous this external and internal dialogue was, it provided me a deeper sense of calm, empowerment and strength.  It really does feel great to have the intention AND complete a challenge  okay, what's next ;)

Let go of, or neutralize, your expectations so that you can just experience whatever is happening in the present moment.  
Releasing expectations releases us from disappointment, frees our mind from commenting on experiences, and opens our spirit to more joy ... 

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