Tuesday, December 17, 2013

" Giving … "

Giving me calm to fall into 
Giving me hope to guide me thru 
I want more I want more 
Giving me light to see thru tears 
Giving me strength to crush my fears 
I want more I want more 
Still all I need is love 
So give me more 

Giving me choice so I may seek 
Giving me faith so I'll believe 
I want more I want more 
Giving me breath of your mercy 
Giving yourself to comfort me 
I want more I want more 
Still all I need is love 
So give me more

~ Collective Soul ~ Giving ~ 

During the holiday season, many are frantically trying to find that special gift for the special someone.  The season of giving .  So, have you ever given any thought to the type of “giver” you are?

You may not have really thought about it.  You see we are told that Christmas is about giving and receiving.  We give to get something in return .. even if it is a thanks from recognition of having given.  So why then does holiday gift giving make us feel anxious and pressured?  Isn’t it suppose to make us happy?  After all, we are MORE blessed to give than to receive.

This time of year is usually described as time with family, religious activities, traditions, spending money, helping others and giving & receiving gifts.  And these gifts reveal the nature of the connections we have with others ... it exposes the character and the thinking of the giver.  Perhaps Christmas giving makes us anxious because it is an exchange.  Perhaps we dread receiving the bad gifts as much as giving it 

So here is an unofficial list of the type of gift-er you may recognize ...

The Genuine Giver
Someone who actually think about you and what you prefer.

The Status Hound Giver
Someone who shows their money or power by giving a costly gift that has nothing to do with the recipient.

The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Giver
Someone who think they are a wonderful giver but are no more genuine than the Status Hound.  Christmas is about them and will likely send a check or re-gift out of obligation.

The Power Player
Someone who manipulates the symbolic nature of the gift because they understand how gifts can cause pain, consciously or unconsciously.

The Complainer
Someone who talks endlessly about the inconveniences he or she experienced during the holiday season, especially during the acquisition of your gift (another reason there is alcohol at most parties ...).

Regardless of the “type” of giver you may connect with, giving truly is from gratitude that we have more than others.  This year, consider something different.  Volunteer at the soup kitchens, give old clothes to the thrift shops, or donate money to a local charity.  This year consider giving with the message that “you have a special place in my heart” because those are the most wonderful gifts to give and receive  

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