Saturday, December 21, 2013

" Celebrate … "

Everybody spread the word
We're gonna have a celebration
All across the world
In every nation
It's time for the good times
Forget about the bad times, oh yeah
One day to come together
To release the pressure
We need a holiday ...

You can turn this world around
And bring back all of those happy days
Put your troubles down
It's time to celebrate
Let love shine
And we will find
A way to come together
And make things better
We need a holiday ...

Holiday Celebrate
Holiday, Celebration
Come together in every nation

~ Madonna ~ Celebrate ~

Holiday celebrations are in full swing as cookies are baked, lights are displayed and gifts are bought.  This time of year we hope to witness the best that people have to offer.  We celebrate connections, we celebrate life.

So it is also a great time of year to reflect on what has occured in your life during the year.  Some years have been filled with significant landmark events while others have been more subtle, appearing to be less significant.  Yet what emerges from quiet reflection is an appreciation of my life.  

In the begining of the year, life started in one space and has ended in another ... the unfoldment of life and the changes that have occurred.  I am able to see how my life is supported and tailored to my growth.   And although there are situations that may have blinded my objectivity, the key is to release it when the bigger picture is explored.

Anticipating 2014, I am working towards a new sense of freedom, a deeper sense of joy ... I see my life working even as I know there are still many mysteries to explore.  But that is okay because I am starting from a new place within me.  And this new place verifies that action from a place of inner knowing works.  No matter what happens, I am safe, I am protected and I am definitely loved.  

❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆ MERRY WINTER SOLSTICE ❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆
May the solstice and turning of the wheel bring love, peace and good fortune in our coming year as we welcome the returning sun with joy ☼

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