Monday, December 9, 2013

" Always Do … "

... Because you love me
Like you always do ...

Sweat in the sun, let it stick to my clothes
Because my back is still young
My ears still listen
To the toll of the bell as it's singing out

If I'm to make the same mistake each day, would you mend it?
Time could take this endless love and escape
Just end it

~ The Annuals ~ Always Do ~

I recently read a great quote by Jaroslav Pelikan, “Tradition is the living faith of the dead, traditionalism is the dead faith of the living.” ... just a thought.

Traditions ... an infinite search through history to find one trend or practice that can provide an explanation for why we are advocates for this form ... Traditions ... something we “always” do ... Traditions ... the practice of passing down customs, beliefs or other knowledge from parents to their children.

With the Christmas season upon us, many are living out their family traditions of the holidays.  I hear conversations such as “we always eat ...”, “we always get together at ...”, “ we always open our gifts on ...”.  And I think that traditions can be a way to make special memories, because they don’t have to be expensive or fancy as long as they are heartfelt and meaningful.

Some of the best traditions grow spontaneously from life ...

I think some of the best traditions are the ones you invent together with your loved ones ... with the understanding that it does not have to happen every time.  Because when we are forced to do something because it has always been done, you build up resentment.  Instead allow the moment itself dictate if the tradition is right ... you know the simple question as to if they are really going to miss ham this year if it is not right beside the turkey?  

You see traditions don’t have to be boring, meaningless or repetitious because it is really about people.  Too many times we focus on details and miss the big picture ... too many times we miss the opportunity to celebrate the relationships that are important to us.   

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