Friday, August 26, 2011

"What You Waiting For ..."

Naturally i'm worried if i do it alone 
Who really cares cuz it's your life 
You never know, it could be great 
Take a chance cuz you might grow
What you waiting,What you waiting for!? "

~ Gwen Stefani ~ What You Waiting For ~

Over the last week, it's been full of visits and visits ....Mainly impromptu, I've had a chance to have some nice visits with friends *sigh* a HeartFULL week!  They really brighten up my days.  It's funny since I usually get settled in and look like I could be a "carnie" as my "costume" for the day ... extreeeeeemely comfortable. ... Not much matches in my clothing selection and I end up toodling around the house, napping, blogging and reading.  I guess I am still conscious of my look ... the grey hairs coming in fast and furious, no makeup, no hair products ... just simple, plain moi.  But these friends really don't give a damn about all that ... they just make a point to drop by and just be with me.  Especially when I shy away from being in public.  And this weekI noticed a message within our conversations ... and the message was loud and clear ... What You Waiting For?

Besides asking my friends these questions when they were looking for some direction, I started to ask myself too ... What Am I Waiting For? When is the time just right?  What Am I Putting Off till Later? ... Now by no means am I suggesting that you go for it all the time, forget any consequences and risk it all ... unless YOU want to.  I guess for me, there a few things I want to do.  I am limited by the Gerson Therapy as you know, but there are some things that I can do so what haven't I?  Coincidently, after watching a great movie this week, "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper, I realized that what's holding me back is maybe ... the fear of success?  or is it the fear of failure?  and are they one in the same ... I am starting to think they are.

Your see, most of us are often happy to travel the middle of the road, making conservative choices that allow us to get by without making waves.  This way we take less risks and have an even lesser chance of failure.  Success and failure can share the same symptoms in certain situations ... anxiety ... which is be crippling and leading the sufferer to take fewer risks and make only safe choices.  I guess for me I am learning that NOW is the time to move beyond limits ... the limits I have put on myself.  In the past I have had nicely organized boxes of preplanned excuses that I can access.  

I am learning that we need to give ourselves the PERMISSION to abolish these imaginary ceilings as the limits of our imaginations are only boundaries.  NOW is the time to take a closer look at all of the reasons to why not take action ... find out what is right for you, what is important to you and what you are waiting for?  I realize that if I am truly passionate, naturally motivated or purely driven about something that is MORE than enough to go for it.  

"What all of these limits really come down to is the difference between surviving and living.  Going through the motions instead of moving through life deliberately."

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