Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Point of View ..."

"It's a different point of view to you
You cannot see things that are different to me
And I can't understand why you cannot see
The things that I cannot see"

~ Blink 182 ~ Point of View ~

I really don't know where to start on this post ... it has been quite an interesting week so far.  And ahhhh yes I did go and get my ultrasound and blood/urine work done and ahhhh yes I did get the results.
So whats the verdict?  Well here is the scoop ....

So, just finishing up week 26 of the Gerson therapy, narrowing on I guess 6 months, there was some emphasis by my family doctors and other loved ones to get an ultrasound done ... to "really" see if the therapy is working ... Externally, I have been feeling really good, outside of nasty emotional days where I cry uncontrollably, and some pain and aches in the region of the cancer.  So early Monday morning before brekkie and my first coffee enema, I was in to see the Labs.  As per usual, my veins are small and hide so they prick the arms a few times, but I was still outta there and home within 30 minutes.  Then came the ultrasound a couple of hours later.  Oh and yes, side note, I did have a mini-meltdown on Sunday, anticipating the worst and having the fight or flight syndrome kicking in big time!  Like usual, Russell was so supportive and let me go through the motions, letting me know whatever we face, we face together and also letting me know that he was pret-ty sure that I wasn't going to expire on the ultrasound table so all should be okay.

So back to the ultrasound ... if any of you have been thru any sort of ultrasound, you are lying there will gel all over your breasts with this gadget that is run over them by technician.  This time, the technician was very inquisitive as to my history AND what treatment I was currently going thru.  She asked me three times, "so you didn't have surgery?"  ... with a squished up expression ... and I politely told her nope, nope, and nada.  Then she went thru the checklist of the risk factors and if I had any ... ie. family history, etc ... and nope, nope, and nada ... nothing to check off.

So finally the examination, she checked the right side - good news, all is clear and nothing to worry about (whew!).  She checked the lymph nodes on both sides - good news, all is clear and nothing to worry about (whew!) ... then she asked me to show her where the lump was and she started to exam the area.  And she kept going over and over the area.  Then she said "this is one of the hardest examinations I have done, I cannot tell where the boundaries/borders are to the lump so I am not sure if these measurements are even accurate".  I asked her to explain what she meant and then she started to show me the screen.  Now you have to understand, in ALL the ultrasounds I have had, never does the technician talk to me let alone show me what they see.  They do their job and then they leave the room.  Done.  But this time, my techie was eager to show me what dilemma she was having.  She left the room twice, once to check on the previous ultrasound (pre therapy back in Feb 2011) and another time to talk to the radiologist.  And then she said ... "you know, I am going to tell the doctor that my measurement are inaccurate, this was a difficult examination to do, and if I were you, I wouldn't put a lot of trust in these measurements because every tech is different and has a different point of view".  So there I am, lying there with all that gel on me wondering ... what is the point of all this then?  Are major decisions not BASED on these measurements?  Was not my treatment plan in February ~ partial mastectomy/double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation BASED on these measurements?  Are you kidding me?? ...

So today in the radiologist final report, he indicated that it was very difficult to provide measurements as due to undefined  boundaries, but he "suspects" that there is a very, slight increase in the one mass that was defined previously.  And right then and there we knew that the Gerson Therapy is working ... how can it not?  How can I go from two measurable discrete, defined masses and multiple lesions 7 months ago to one undefined difficult masses and some lesions hard to measure?  The Gerson doctors warned me that it was too early for an ultrasound.  They said that things could get better before they get worse.  They said that we are agitating the tumor, so wait for the therapy to kick in.  My family doctor was not concerned with this report, nor were we ... because under the above circumstances, you take it for what it is.  

The GOOD NEWS is my complete blood chemistry and urine analysis look great, the cancer continues to be localized, AND in the Gerson world, the inflammation in the region is an indication that the immune system has kicked in and fighting the tumour and lesions, the undefined boundaries indicate that the tumour is breaking down, and the tumour itself is softening up.

So today we thank everyone for the oceans of love, support and prayers we have received.  And we recognize all the baby steps to get to this moment ... getting thru a long, difficult, challenging and at times unbearable therapy.  We continue believing and knowing that my body is showing signs of healing AND we continue to set intentions that the very near future will bring a healthy, balanced and cancer free body.  Just wait and see!!!


  1. I am so happy to hear you are healing and these look like very promising results. Keep up the good work! Along with the gerson therapy you have a great mindset and that is as important as the therapy itself. And we have to have patience to see it through...i have to remind myself that everyday. August was a painful month and felt like a step backward. But I got my results back today also and my adrenals have gone from a stage 7 to a stage 2, what a leap and evidence healing is taking place. It does show sometimes you feel worse before feeling better. We will have our ups and downs, but isn't this a much better path than other options. I believe so. This is the war of our life, my gersonator friend, walkstrong, take joy in the small things, eat well, rest often and your body will do the rest...all in due time. :)

  2. Of course it`s working...have you met you? ;) So glad you got good news! And yes, keep up the great work. xo K

  3. @ Theresa, I am in awe of your strength, you are so strong and a true inspiration. Thank-you for your love and support and of course frequent FB chats ;)

    @Kate, haha, love you so much girlfriend. YOU have no idea how much your words of encouragement have helped me get thru all this crapola *sigh*!! sending you loads of hugs and kisses!!