Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Marchin On ..."

"For those doubts that swirl all around us, 
For those lives that tear at the seams, 
We know, We’re not what we’ve seen, 
For those days we felt like a mistake, 
Those times when love’s what you hate, 
Somehow, We keep marching on. "
~ OneRepublic ~ Marchin On ~ 

Well, we are into week 20 and "marchin on" with the therapy.  Recently we have had a bit of a change as our days have been busier with Russ's Mum and her husband Ron visiting from New Zealand.  They are staying with us for three weeks during their cross country tour of Canada.  We have good conversation, board and card game nights, visits from friends and just time to relax with each others company.  It has been nice to have that change of the daily routine with family visiting ... allows us a bit of a break from things feeling the same yet different.  

We did go down to the Stampede Grounds on Sunday which was loads of fun.  We had to pack my foods, juices, meds and prep for the "outing" ... sort of like a day pass really ... LOL!  With the sun shining bright, and the day full of humidity and heat, we made our way to see the sights.  You could feel the energy and the excitement ... there were some crazy things for others to try ... donut burgers, deep friend pop tarts, colossal onion rings, mac and cheese pizza, taco in a bag .... and really the list goes on ...just wild!!  Not sure if I was even off the therapy if it would tempt me ... although there is something about the smells that pull you in.  I am sure one of our friends will have a fun story on their food ventures over the 10 day event.

Here's some quick videos Russ took, unknown to me, at the grounds with the marching band passing by and some fireworks at the end of the night ... awesome fun!!!

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