Sunday, June 21, 2015

" Hope ... "

“ .. I hope that the world stops raining
Stops turning it’s back on the young
See nobody here is blameless
I hope that we can fix all that we’ve done ... 

I hope we start seeing forever
Instead of what we can gain in a day ... 

I hope we stop taking for granted
All of the land and all of the sea
I’m taking a chance on loving
I hope that you take it with me

I just hope I’m not the only one
I just hope I’m not the only one
I just hope I’m not the only one ... “

~ Emeli Sande ~ Hope ~ 

Some days, it is hard to navigate hope.  Some days, it is hard to look forward to the future and believe that the best is waiting for you ... some days.

... keeping the belief 
that your higher power 
has your best interest at heart ... 
asking you 
to trust in your divine source 
for guidance ... 

Being hopeful and believing that the future can be brighter is a positive step, but the unwillingness to accept the past or present as it is and using it as an escape, isn’t.  Once you learn to accept the realities of your experiences without denying them, you can have real hope.  It’s just getting there which is the tough part ... some days.

It is a process ... relying on your faith to keep hope alive and accepting what is.  It is possible to find inner strength to support your struggle ... and intend for a encompassing recovery.  But it is just that ... an intention knowing that attachment to a certain outcome is suffering.

And when it comes to hope, it doesn’t need to be defended, it just needs to be supported.  Perhaps others call it blind faith.  Whatever it may be, it comes from within.  And some days, it is all you got ... and it is just so hard to find it.  So you do the next best thing ... express gratitude.  

Gratitude for all that is and available to you in this moment.  It may not be what you wished for, it may not be what you wanted ... but you still have a choice.  A choice to move forward and serve.  Turning life's challenges into opportunities for transformation.  But you have to dig deep, real deep.  So deep that you never thought you could.  Every single part of you has to want it.  

And it is hard ... some days.

But I am realizing that the navigating hope is really a coping mechanism ... some days are stronger, others not so much.  And those days, I appreciate the impermanence of the moment.  Precious moments of life can be lost to discouragement.  It is about re framing your thoughts and reworking your perspective.  It is about setting your intentions and putting your attention to it ... It is about staying focused, staying thankful and staying hopeful ... some days.

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