Tuesday, January 20, 2015

" Starting Over ... "

It's been so long since we took the time,
No-one's to blame,
I know time flies so quickly,
But when I see you darling,
It's like we both are falling in love again,
It'll be just like starting over - starting over,

Why don't we take off alone,
Take a trip far, far away,
We'll be together on our own again,
Like we used to in the early days … 

Let's take our chance and fly away somewhere alone …

~ John Lennon ~ Starting Over ~

There are many reasons we must hit our reset button in life … death, birth, divorce, marriage, layoff, end of friendship, relocation.  But what if your current life is sucking you dry, every minute of every day.  What if you just start over by choice??

Now why would I start over you ask … because simply put, you are unhappy.  And maybe you feel a sense of guilt, or ungrateful because what you have, you don’t really want.  You find yourself years later either in the dead end job or jobless … with a collection of material wonders only to be penniless.  Sounds extreme, you’d be surprise how many identify with this.  So what do you do … you hit the start over button again.

Perhaps a scary thought, but even scarier if your life is full of regrets.  It really is about creating the life you want.  And you are only late if you are six feet under.  Besides, there is really only one thing you have to do … give yourself permission to change.

So, begin by looking at what you really wanted to be when you grew up and you will find a common thread, theme or tendencies in your present life.  Personally, I’ve always wanted to help others.  And I’ve found there is a fine balance between helping others and hindering yourself in the process.  Yet, it doesn’t halt me from doing what naturally feels good.  When you realize there is no security in anything, all is impermanent, why not make the most of it … life that is.  

… allowing is so powerful … 

We are very good at hiding our own brilliance.  We are often afraid to stand in our truth, stand in our power.  We sabotage ourselves thinking we are not good enough or don’t deserve it.  We beat ourselves up every single day.  Hence some of the best and simplest advice I’ve received is the only way to begin is believing you can.  Believing that if you lived in your most passionate self and allowed yourself your full potential, you would have lived your purpose.  


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