Monday, January 5, 2015

" Embrace The End ... "

" The ending
That peace could grow inside of you
Inspite of me ... Humanity
I hope you’re out there somewhere ... 

Does anyone care
To disagree with me
Admit defeat we bleed
In disbelief
I hear the whole world

Welcome the way that we
Embrace the ending ...

I hope your out there somewhere "

~ Mushroomhead ~ Embrace The End ~

Endings are not always easy, even when you see them coming.  Loss is traumatic, even when you prepare yourself for the experience.  Yet with endings comes new beginnings, an opportunity for transformation.

Beginnings start to shape into something joyful yet painful ... exciting yet uncertain ... all at once.  You could stay focused on all of the newness to avoid the farewells, but then you miss honoring the very best parts of what came before. By acknowledging the joy and the sorrow, you can bring your loves and lessons into your new beginning.

We may initiate some of the beginnings and endings, but ready or not, many happen on their own schedule.  I have found that it is more productive to drop the judgement and begin by embracing the end ... 

I am open.  
I let go of my need to hold on to the past or attempts to control the future.  

I allow things to unfold.  
I notice the small shifts as change can occur at snail or warp speed, regardless of my preference.  

I ask for help.  I admit that I don’t know what I am doing.  
I am grateful for the support which helps me find laughter and joy in the process.

I don’t filter my feelings.  I own them 
... I tell a friend, I write, I release them in a un-harmful way.  

I find stillness.  I can’t stop time but I can make room to pause and access before moving forward.  

By becoming aware that change in upon us, we can embrace endings with calmness and truly trust the process of life.

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