Thursday, October 16, 2014

" Fear ... "

No sleep today
Can't even rest when the sun's down
No time, there's not enough
And nobody's watching me now

When we were children we'd play
Out in the streets just dipped in fate
When we were children we'd say
That we don't know the meaning of

Fear, fear, fear
Fear, fear, fear

We don't know the meaning of
Wish I didn't know the meaning of

~ One Republic~ Fear ~

Robert Albert Bloch wrote, anxiety is thin stream of fear trickling through the mind ... if encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.  

This probably resonates with everyone, IF they are really honest with themselves.  Because we all have anxiety about the one thing that will happen to every single one of us ... DEATH.  

And there is something called death anxiety with four types of fear associated with death ... fear of pain, fear of the unknown, fear of non existence and fear of eternal punishment.  But don’t feel so bad because the fear of death is very natural because we are born to stay alive.  The survival instinct within us is coded into our DNA.  We always want “more time”.  We feel we are owed more, we are getting ripped off, life isn’t fair, how can this be happening, but I am a good person ...

And basically we really want to keep the party going ... life is good, or life is great, or life is as it is, pain et al ... but we want more of it.  Our thoughts ... People need you.  You are responsible for so much.  How will they go on without you.  Get the idea? ... there is so much attachment to what we have in our lives and how we play in the story.  WE are the central part in our story.  And so we figure, how will life go on without us? ... reality shows us it always does.  

our fear of death feels like the end of us and the end of all we know ... 

The truth is we are energy and energy can never die.  It only transitions, transforms, and transcends towards another.  Life is equally valuable and fleeting.  It comes to be then replenishes itself by destroying what came before it.  

I hear a great deal about how to live fearlessly and I often wondered what that really meant.  And now slowly it is revealing itself because to live in fear is to live a dying life.  

Truly being here, now and living in the moment allows you to make note of your mortality, not for the sake of celebration but for the sake of gratitude.  Serving as a reminder of why there is joy, available in every moment to you us ... if we choose to access it.  

Ups and downs, ebbs and flows, chaos and calm ... the heartbeat of life.  Giving us the opportunity all while living with “something”, fully, wholly, and wisely in the present.  Enjoying the experience, rather than controlling it and killing the moment.  The moment when added to the next, makes time, into a lifetime worth living.

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