Sunday, August 11, 2013

" Intentions ... "

The intent. I intend. The intentions of one will guide.
I strive to speak what I have learned 
and learn from those I see.
To step out of this life is my ambition.
To speak out and show you what I have seen ...

Stand with me and see what my eyes have seen.
Take my hand and let me show you what it is to love.
The intent. I intend. The intentions of one will guide ...

For you cannot love one until you have learned to love all.

~ We Came As Romans ~ Intentions ~

We get a vibe or a feeling ... we question if it is curiosity or care ... we don’t know if we should have faith or if we are being played.  True colours always prevail in the end.  As the best of intentions can just get in the way.

How so?   Just take a look at self-proclaimed motivational speakers, fitness “professionals” and religious leaders who strive to “inspire” you.  Yet their behaviour dictates otherwise and they don't practice what they preach.  Thankfully you can choose to release and move on into a more authentic environment.

So it begs to differ ... do you know what YOUR intentions are?  You see there are personal intentions and also intentions with regards to others.  I think it is best to consider your own intentions because the rest will fall into place.  Clear intentions have a way of assisting you to take greater control of your life ... and all the forces of the universe can align to have a miracle happen ... IF your intentions are pure.

Hope >>>> Possibility >>>> Actions >>>> Results

Some feel that intentions are too dream like and it is important to be realistic.  Because dreaming clouds our present reality, where we are at this moment, Here & Now.  But if you combine them ~ where we are (reality) and where we want to be (dreams and intentions) ~ we can make it happen.  And the beauty is, you don’t have to get anyone’s permission, you just have to allow yourself to receive.

Setting intentions every day is a great exercise ... as when you focus less on the unknowns and more on what you want to manifest.  An example for me is last year when I was faced with my disability claim ending, a job I didn’t want to go back to and the financial impact ... with clear and pure intentions, I put forth what I wanted, I set my intentions and made it happen.  

Freedom >>>> Flexibility >>>> Happiness

You see we are never too old to make a dream come true because when you set an intention and then act on it to demonstrate your commitment, AMAZING things occur ... Personally intention has helped me maintain composure & sanity, provided me fortitude ... and most importantly, a sense of humour.  Because sometimes you just got to have a good belly laugh and know all is well & life has, does and will go on.

You don’t need a major life goal to set intentions.  Intentions can be set on a daily basis.  I set mine in the morning when I wake up ... like to have a fun day, spend quality time with my loved ones, have a safe journey, learn something new, excel at a new song with the band, make a great presentation, be grounded .... it really can be as monumental or as simple as you want.

And I follow up with action ... demonstrating my commitment to my intention.  I acknowledge I did what I said I would ... making it clear to me and others just what I plan to do.  That not only can they can count on me but I can count on me.  So next time you set an intention, redefine what it means to be serious about your dreams ... don’t just act the part, be it.

"mean what you do, do what you say"

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