Saturday, August 10, 2013

" Nutrition ... "

I've got nowhere to go
Just hang out on the street
My folks say I've got no ambition
At least I give a ...
About the stuff I eat
Yeah! I care about nutrition ..
It's good for me
I've got vitamin C
I care [x3]
I give a healthy ...
~ Dead Milkmen ~ Nutrition ~

Today I read an article on the Natural News website about commercial protein powders and shakes.  As we know they are extremely popular within the fitness industry, professionals and every day folks that are looking to get that extra protein kick.  What was alarming though was the ingredients found within that can compromise your health.  

How can something that is suppose to be “good for your health” be contaminated with heavy metals and MSG?  It seems unreal and perhaps some won’t believe it.  Yet from what is considered the “Consumer Reports”, test samples of 15 protein powders and shakes contained trace arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury.  As for mono sodium glutamate, during the processing of high protein foods, MSG is created.  So it is not an additional ingredient but a byproduct of the manufacturing process ... which does not need to be labeled.  They attempt to minimize the creation of MSG by low temperature drying but the end result is still a denatured protein.

And if you are unsure of the affects of these, do your own research, understand the potential damage and if  you are wiling to take the risk ...

Sadly, prior to my diagnosis, I was a fan of meal replacement protein shakes, powders and bars.  I now believe I was eating “healthy junk food”.  Chemicals that my body did not know what to do with.  Toxic.  You know the saying ... 
if it comes FROM a plant, eat it ... 
if it was MADE in a plant, don’t.

Thankfully, I read an alternative protein source is nutritional yeast which has 8 grams of protein per serving.  Sold as flakes or powder, it is a deactivated yeast that is low in fat and sodium, free of sugar, dairy and gluten and a complete protein (all nine amino acids).  In regards to flavor, it is described as nutty, cheesy and creamy and a great substitute for cheese (yay vegans!).

In regards to “nutrition” it is packed with B-vitamins, folic acid, selenium, and zinc too.  As well, nutritional yeast does not have MSG but has naturally occurring glutamic acid which is an amino acid found in many fruits and vegetables.  And you may not be so keen to put a scoop of it in your smoothie but some other options are adding it to mashed potatoes, sprinkling on a pasta dish or popcorn and other savory options.

After all, we are in search of good, wholesome foods and knowing that there are REAL FOOD options that can provide us what we require to thrive is the key.  You decide what is right for you ... but remember to respect yourself and truly listen to your body.

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