Saturday, June 15, 2013

" Liberation ... "

Take my hand,
I've changed my mind again
Really, I believed it true ...
But I was wrong,
I've learned that lesson well
All the way back home at midnight
You were sleeping on my shoulder ...

To free in me
The trust, I never dared
I always thought the risk too great
But suddenly, I don't hesitate, so

Take my hand,
Don't think of complications
Now, right now,
Your love is liberation

~ Pet Shop Boys ~ Liberation ~

The thought of liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth is exciting.  To strive hard and perform good deeds, so that your soul may rest in peace after death ... Moksha (liberation) or Mukti (release).  When a person attains Moksha they are free of suffering and pain.  And we all know that it sucks to get old.  I for one want a healthy life over a long one.

So how does one truly achieve Moksha?

Well Moksha is a very broad term ... peace, knowledge and enlightenment are used to describe it.  Yet Moksha within the Hindu religion, is self realization and knowing ones purpose.  The ultimate unification of man and God.  It means eternal freedom from social and natural programming.  It comes from letting loose or letting go.  And it can be attained while living on earth by four paths:

  • selfless work
  • self dissolving love
  • deep meditation
  • total discernment

Believing that the body is not identical with the soul ... the body assumes the qualities from association ... the eye, the ear, or any other sense organ or for that matter, the body itself incorporating the mind and intellect, is a mere instrument whose functioning is made possible by the soul.

So, the real Moksha or freedom is to realize the fact that “I” awareness is a physical awareness, which is not self-awareness.  Which leads to what self-awareness is .... when the formless soul or consciousness remains aware of its one non dual true nature. 

Hm mm a lot to consider when you thought your 
Moksha Yoga class was just another name/style 
to describe shapes on a matt ...

Now some may or may not believe in reincarnation, soul separate from body and/or even God.  But personally, the idea of serving others, selflessly is resonates with me.  That feeling when you spring into action, become a hero, help the hopeless, and just be present doing good in the world.  Is it too much of a “kumbaya” moment ... maybe.  But if this increases my chances of freedom from all suffering, then sign me up.

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