Friday, October 14, 2011

"Milk Thistle ..."

Milk Thistle, milk Thistle
Let me down slow
Help me go slow
I've been carrying on ...

Don't be scared of nothing
You go pound for pound
You bring peace to midnight
like a spotted owl ..."
~Conor Oberst ~ Milk Thistle ~

One of the many Gerson supplements is Milk Thistle.  Currently, I take two tablets, three times a day with my vegan meals.  So why milk thistle and what are its benefits?  Well, as mentioned in one of my prior posts, most cancer patients have toxic livers.  Yet, there are many ways to assist in regenerating the liver.  Milk Thistle is a herb and could really be called the liver's BFF.  You see, milk thistle not only protects the liver from toxins, but it also plays an important healing role too.  It repairs liver cells and promotes the regeneration of new cells.  How cool is that??  It ensures that the daily tasks are carried out and that the liver has the ability to rejuvenate itself (visualize my happy dance here).

This herb has the presence of chemicals that can help to detoxify the liver, thereby saving it from the detrimental effects of toxins that are present in our bodies ... and actually reverses some damage that is caused to the liver through excesses in alcohol use, pesticides, and processed foods.  Additionally, it can help prevent some diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.  It is possible to repair this damage done to the liver through wear and tear through a regeneration process.  Worn out cells will grow back again during the process known as regeneration.  And in those cells where regeneration does not occur natural, it can cause the process to start up again.

So how does this all happen?   Well, an active ingredient called Silymarin, is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals that cause cellular damage.  And in some laboratory studies Silibinin, an active compound of Silymarin, is effective in fighting cancer cells found in prostate, cervical and breast cancers.  The use of Milk Thistle has helped to reduce the cancer cell growth and has improved the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs.  Therefore, regardless of your treatment of choice, milk thistle can be very beneficial to assist your liver to a healthier state.  

Of course first consult your health practitioner when considering any form of medication, synthetic or herbal.  I for one am not in favour of self-medicating, yet am in favour of understanding your treatment plan.  Always, always, always do your research and know what you are ingesting in your body ... and know the benefits and side effects to determine if it is right for you. 

♥ Love your Liver 

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