Tuesday, March 31, 2015

thank-you for BEING ...

a time of endings ... and beginnings

Four years ago, I could see in her eyes as I spoke with fear.  She was reliving her experiences, yet still keeping it in check, she gave me sound advice.  M was able to provide support, love and compassion even though she had been dealing with the dreaded "C" herself. 

… when I called M and told her that I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she had her hands full … not only was I a mess, she had brought arm loads of resources on therapies, supplements, articles and latest trials over.  M’s kick ass approach to life is what attracted me to our friendship.  Her honest, compassionate presence allowed space for me to just be accepted as I was, completely whole, regardless of the dis-ease that began and remained within us.  M and I had got each other because we both got cancer-ed.

We met thru mutual means earlier in life and our friendship deepened with the ongoing awareness that we were both dealing with a very similar, yet very different situation.  We may not have got each others symptoms, but we connected in a very authentic way until her final breathe.

M would be one of a few people that was a constant in my life.  I realize the sadness I feel is the loss of not only a beautiful friend but a kind soul whom I am blessed to have known.  

M, beautiful soul sister, thank-you for BEING ... infinite love ...


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