Saturday, November 15, 2014

" Stuck Like Glue ... "

Absolutely no one who knows me better
No one that can make me feel so good
How did we stay so long together?
When everybody said we never would

There you go making my heart beat again
Heart beat again, heart beat again
There you go making me feel like a kid
Won't you do it, do it one time? ...

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, stuck like glue ...
Some days I don't feel like trying
Some days you know I wanna just give up
When it doesn't matter who's right ... 
Everybody want some

~ Sugarland ~ Stuck Like Glue ~

Stuck, stuck like glue ... stuck-ness ... finding yourself feeling disappointed, deflated, burnt out, overwhelmed and alone.  I use to think that being stuck was similar to procrastinating.  Yet what I am learning is that being stuck serves a spiritual purpose ... an opportunity for transformation.

“ ... the key to moving forward when you find yourself stuck is to allow yourself to stay painfully aware of your feeling of being stuck, because awareness is the first step in changing anything. Do whatever you need to do to break through that stuck feeling. Get help if you need it ... “

Stuck-ness is a message, loud and clear, that you need a change.  And it isn’t about waiting around for that lucky break or miracle, it is about change of ... habits, priorities, perspective and heart.  Stuck-ness invites growth and expansion.  Stuck-ness is impermanent like everything else.  

Sometimes we don’t even know we are stuck until what worked before doesn’t work anymore ... change is needed to see where we can soften and open up. 

The good news is that you are not alone.  Everyone feels stuck at some time or another because it is a part of the human life cycle giving us a message that something has to give.  So how do you get un-stuck?

Begin with unconditional acceptance.  Accept where you are today.  Not what you could do and where you where you were.  When you change your relationship to what you feel, you release your resistance to it, allowing a shift and transformation to take place.  And don’t mistake acceptance with being passive, it is the key to empowerment.  Next let go and surrender because surrendering is a door opener.  It initiates the process of letting go of our personal limitations and aligning with an intelligence that is greater than us.

And, remember to ask for support.  There are no brownie points for martyrdom, so just ASK!  Finding a strategic approach to doing things differently can be supported by like minded people.  That force in your corner, that voice that helps you see your progress as well as when you are getting off track, letting you know what you need to hear, not what to hear.  It is not about looking for perfection or feeling guilty and shame for where you are because that only once purpose ... to keep you in the muck.

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