Saturday, November 1, 2014

" Awaken ... "

“ start of lyrics Stripped of life, alone
In the midst of something that I ...
wanting, letting go, of what never could be again
Lost and alone

Imprisoned now inside your mind
With the way you tried ...
You were waiting and living for no one
With the way you tried
To completely refuse all your life

Feed on your nothing
You'll never live up to me

Awaken you “

~ Disturbed ~ Awaken ~

What happens when a fully aware person is in a room full of asleep people? ... Awesome stories!! ... and honestly, an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned thus far.  And thankfully, the Universe has a Divine ability to present just that.  

Picture a room full of the following behaviours ... obnoxious, rude, arrogant, egotistical, drunk, righteous.  So it is s simply easier to be frustrated, angry, pissed off, livid, aggressive ... and join the movement!!  And yeah, some of those feelings do arise, yet honestly speaking, but rather than acting out on it, I just sat with it ... yeah, I sat with it.  

Drunk desperate people, triggering every last ounce of patience you may have.  Acting cool, but not being cool.  Acting righteous but oh so off the mark, it’s comical.  

Serenity now, serenity now ...

And that is exactly what it is.  An opportunity to either be an asshole or be a kind.  Most pick the asshole, not even knowing it, subconsciously, their conditioning kicks in.  And really it is easier.  It is easier to be a jerk than to put in the EFFORT to be kind, for some.  Why, because they don’t hear what they want, they don’t get what they want, they don’t get it fast enough ... so yeah, it pretty much ALL sucks.  Add to this a healthy dose of insecurity, we react.  We WANT to tell them that they cannot treat us like that.  We give our EGO a voice.  Period. 

I sat with IT and I had so many realizations.  And then it happened.  The vulnerability present in the situation was so apparent.  I could feel it, it was thick in the room, hanging in the air like the smoke in the non-smoking establishment.  Humans looking to prove something, looking for affirmation, looking for respect, looking for SOMETHING ... and there it was.  The frustration, anger, pissed off, livid and aggressive nature showed its colors.  Will they satisfy their cravings, their hunger?  Yes, but it will be short lived, looking for the next quick fix ... sex, alcohol, drugs.

I write about how the masks fall off when people truly reveal who they are, not their reputation, not what they can do, not what they have.  You see, when you get an opportunity to observe rather than participate ... grab it because the learning curve is infinite.  Begin by making sure you caution yourself from being righteous, looking for something wrong, all smugged up.  It’s not about judging others ... it is about understanding and praying for others.  Yup, praying.

Praying because they can end their suffering simply by looking for affirmation, respect, love ... that SOMETHING ... WITHIN.  Even the crusty ones that seem to have “endure” life.  You know the one, in the dark corner of the seedy pub, been there-done that.  Because an open mind starts with an open heart.  Digging deep to find grace, compassion, kindness and empathy for them.  They are a prisoner to they own emotions, imagine what hell they must go through daily in their own minds.  And maybe praying is a lit-tle TOO religious for some ... possibly send them well wishes and blessings to end their suffering.  Because IT is not about you.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  
Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens.
Carl Gustav Jung

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