Thursday, June 12, 2014

" Unfold … "

It doesn't lessen my hope
You know our time and all
Oh let it unfold
I won't leave it untold

The feeling goes on and on and on
You tell me things you've never said
Oh, the illusions getting old
I would have given you it all ...

The feeling goes on and on and on

~ The Xx ~ Unfold ~ 

Unfold ... allowing things to unfold is about noticing what is, as it is, in its absolute perfection by surrendering our personal need to control things.  When everything in form falls away, we realize this is who we are.  By simplifying life itself with no effort to do, just pure being ... 

Oddly, with all the efforts we put into resisting life, we actually miss it.  We get caught in the should be’s and might have been’s that only support anxiety and regret.  

But if we at the same time, realize that here is LIFE ... perfect as it is ... effortlessly unfolding ... if we put aside the fight with what is and just ... notice.

Personally, by letting go of my self-berating and story-telling, I have opened my heart and mind instead to ... what is present, what do I know to be true, where is the gift, where is the compassion ... and guess what showed up ... LOVE.

And what is LOVE? .... Love is almost always defined through our parents, how they interacted with one another and with us.  The imprint of these interactions are often unconscious, yet they are ever present in our day to day lives.  So we play out these same patterns all our lives.

 ... but what if we become aware of what is running our unconscious that is resisting to what is and resulting in suffering ... 

Simply ask yourself ... Are you generous, open and compassionate to yourself? Are you unavailable, thinking only of yourself and withholding love unless it is proven worthy or your expectations have been met?

Allowing things to just unfold requires you to have faith ... real FAITH ... in the uncertainty ... dropping judgement, dropping expectations.  Nothing is how we perceive it, nor is it possible for our perceptions to be accurate, because our past experiences and our judgements are always influencing what we perceive.  Therefore, if you can release the ideas you have created around yourself and others, you can be free of the drama within your life.

Love is evolving and unfolding all around us ... it naturally feeds our soul and evolves our consciousness.  By focusing on the GIVING of LOVE and not on the receiving of necessary needs and controlling expectations, we can BE.  And when we can BE and let life unfold, we give unconditionally of our heart and let love flow freely

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