Friday, June 13, 2014

" This Routine … "

I've seen a thousand thoughtless faces today
A thousand i saw yesterday
It's our ignorance that keeps us up to pace
It's our tvs that keep us smiling

And all the world's money won't buy you freedom,
Diamond rings don't save lives
How can a man ever be free
Half the world is sleeping now in front of tvs
And the other half is crying to the night sky
Is this why we were born?
I say f*ck this routine
~ The Broadways ~ This Routine ~

Life is a routine and routine is resistance to wonder, according to Abraham Joshua Heschel, who was one of the leading American Rabbis, theologians, and social activists of the 20th century. 

Do you feel your routine is an issue  
Do you just get use to & learn to accept which limits in how you see things?  
Do you feel you’ve lost a sense of wonder in our world?

live the dream to become the dream

Whoa! heavy questions right off the bat ... but something to think about ... as this is something I am struggling with at the moment.  Not the sense of wonder, excitement and curiosity ... I continue to put in the WORK to be present in that space ... it is hearing from the others ... “it doesn’t matter, who cares, we’ve always done it this way, i won’t work anyhow ...”

And no surprise right ... we’ve ALL been there ... discouraged, depressed and defeated.  But we are not trees.  We can move.  We can change.  We can create ... IF we choose to break out of what “isn’t working” we make that space.

Accepting who you are and believing nothing is changeable is lethal.  All to often we attempt to change our situation without looking at the root cause ... ourselves.  You can make a difference in your life if you change the way you interact with the world.

I hope that others begin with visualizing their hopes and dreams ~ this harnesses the power within and creates new pathways and routines.  I hope that they play out new scenarios in their minds and lives as they prepare for the moments when a new found confidence is crucial.  

Life really is about breaking out of your routine and comfort zone … 
allowing life to unfold … and remaining open to the possibilities.

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