Wednesday, September 26, 2012

" Other People's Lives ... "

And the details make you shiver
But it's hard to escape
When your head is stuck in vice

Because nothing matters
In the self obsessive age
Where they dare you not to notice
But it's everywhere
In shocking color on the page ...

In the magazine
Staring out at me
Out of my TV
Other people's lives
Pixelated lives
Just like yours and mine

~ Duran Duran ~ Other People’s Lives ~

Do you have clarity about what you truly want and is your life exactly where you want it to be?  You may have a general sense of what you want like more money, loving relationship, fame ... but is it enough?

I recently read that without true clarity, you can fall prey to other people’s lives and agendas.  True clarity provides focus, makes things specific ... makes things happen.  So unless you are absolutely clear on what and how, it becomes much easier to get persuaded by someone else who has greater clarity than you.  And, you end of following their agenda.  Makes sense right?

You see, when you are clear, you are driven regardless of what pitfall is in your path.  When you are focused on what you want, you keep your eyes on the prize.

So now honestly ask yourself, are you achieving the results you want in life?  If not, here are some ways to help you gain clarity:
  • determine you goal and why it is important to you
  • list words and phrases that specifically describe what it would look like to accomplish this goal
  • visualize how you feel if you did or did not achieve this goal
  • prioritize this goal in your life
  • write what are your first steps in accomplishing this goal
  • confirm what you will sacrifice to make it happen

Most importantly, power in clarity comes from knowing what you want AND what gets in your way.  The dreaded word: Sabotage.  We have all been guilty of it so once you are clear about your self-sabotaging ways, you can address directly and put it to rest.

"Take stock of your current position and assess how happy YOU are with it.  Becoming more than you are at present means not accepting second best from yourself ... agenda setting is all about having a clear goal in mind. If your agenda is to take control over a certain part of your life, it's necessary to develop an action plan to tackle it ..."

This may seem fairly straightforward, but from my own experience, it takes time to get absolutely clear on what you want and how to get it.  Lots of things get in the way, but it is more than okay to take the time you need before you can truly own this process. 

The key is to keep trying to gain clarity and do what you need to do ... revisit, pray, meditate, and revise ... do whatever works for you.  The beauty is that soon things will become crystal clear and start manifesting quickly ... allowing you to live out YOUR agenda and not other people's lives.

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