Wednesday, September 12, 2012

" Breaking The Rules ... "

Black sheep and a renegade
Hot feet in the cool of the shade
The street jungle and the tough childhoods
Examinations done no good
Got crow bars and hot wired cars
Sneak thieves and cheap cigars

No rebellion not today
I get my kicks in my own way
Right ok
Just keep on breakin' the rules
C'mon get ready to rule ...

Tough breaks
Ready to rule
I'm gonna do things my own way
Everyday, everyday,
In everyway
I ain't gonna pay no attention to your rules

~ AC/DC ~ Breaking The Rules ~

I have read that if you don’t break any rules you will continue to do the same things every day.  Many believe, well that’s how we have always done it, which is the cornerstone for most answers ... 

Yet if we think about it, our rules have consequences.  They cause us to be victims to them.  You see we all have certain rules that run our lives ... dictate whether or not we can feel happiness and success, dictate whether we even feel loved.  And we may not even be aware but some of these rules are designed for us to fail ... subconsciously making us feel bad.

Honestly ask yourself the following questions:

  • do your rules contribute to a feeling of not being good enough?  
  • what are some of your primary rules for success?  
  • do they make sense and are they within your control?  
  • are they making you feel good?  
  • do you truly feel loved?
  • how do you shake the expectations and believes?

Yet we can reach a moment when we get tired of living by all the rules set up by everyone else and decide to do our own thing.  
  • we stop being restrained by some man-made code
  • we stop becoming rule and code overloaded 

Life is unpredictable, so the opportunity is now to define it how you want it.  Take care of your health. Get rid of friends that bring you down or hold you back.  Surround yourself with real people.  Go against the grain if you wish and enjoy every moment of it.

Sometimes we just need to break our rules, make them easier or adopt new ones.  Instead of relying on other’s rules for meeting our needs, we recreate our own so that we meet our needs the way we want them met.  This way we can ensure that we are not a victim to our own rules or anyone elses ...

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