Thursday, July 11, 2013

" Desired Constellation ... "

It's slippery when 
Your sense of justice 
Murmurs underneath 
And is asking you:
How am I going to make it right? 

With a palm full of stars 
I throw them like dice
I shake them like dice
And throw them on the table 
Until the desired constellation appears 

And I ask myself:
How am I going to make it right?
And you hear
How am I going to make it right?

~ Bjork ~ Desired Constellation ~

Is your desire to change greater than your desire to stay the same?  May be an odd question because similar to the majority of the people alive, there seems always have something you want to change.

Think about it ... the way you look, your health, your income, your career, a specific behaviour, where you live, some relationships ... If we are truly honest with ourselves, we would say yes to one of the aforementioned.

So what brings this desire to change?  Perhaps there is need to grow, to contribute, due to fear or personal dissatisfaction, or maybe it ego.  Whatever the reasons, there comes a time in our lives that we either choose to change or change is pressed upon us.  Life is dynamic and sometimes we just have to keep up.

Okay so far so good ... but how do you get the change you want?  By making the effort to KNOW what you want.  And if it sounds so easy then why do most people struggle?

Lack of clarity .... It is about being very clear regarding your desires.  It is easy to complain about what is wrong, and when we focus on problems, we get more problems.  But when we focus on possibilities, we get opportunities.  

I have learned to release the energy of finding fault and take up the energy of imagination.  I mentally play out ways “it” may change which allows me to venture a little way past “it” into the outrageous options.  Maybe I am a dreamer, maybe it is silly ... yet I become intrigued, curious and feel a bit lighter.  

The best advice I got was don’t think, just allow and observe.
And initially this was difficult.  I had a a sense of wanting to control the outcome.  But I found out this is outlining and universe supports my actions more readily if I remove all the conditions I bring with it.

Embrace you inner child.  Allow the preferences to form in your consciousness so that eventually they become clear enough to describe in words.  Start thinking of a solution you prefer and ask what would be better?  Continue this process until you’ve visualized a situation you can’t imagine a way to top.  This lets everyone and everything around you deliver exactly what you want.

I have found that my ability to soar often depends on pushing back against something I don’t want.  The more specific I am about what doesn’t work, the clearer I can make our desire.  And for me, this outweighs my desire to stay the same ...

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