Friday, November 23, 2012

" Instinct ... "

Do you recognize the nervous twitch
That exposes the weakness of the myth
When your turn comes 'round
And the light goes on ...
And you feel your attraction again
Your instinct can't be wrong
Separate the fiction from the fact
Been a little slow to react ...
But it's nearly time to flip the switch
And I'm hanging by a single stitch
Laughing at the stony face of gloom
When your turn comes 'round ...
Where the true present lies are
Calling down
Laughing at the stony face of gloom
When your turn comes 'round ...
~ Crowded House ~ Instinct ~
How many times have you been caught up in a head spin of trying to make a decision or difficult choice?  And did anyone ask you what your “gut” was telling you?  Did you follow it?  Or was it so tough for you to figure out the right decision that you never made the decision at all?
I know for me, it is hard sometimes to “trust my gut” even though gut feelings represent my instinct, my intuition ... and isn’t this the key to overcoming a stalled decision-making process?
Intuition is an inner knowing
I know that intuition exists without a doubt and regardless of your viewpoint, head or heart, there is some mechanism that produces feelings within us to help guide us in making choices.  This I get ... yet it seems easier to get caught up in weighing any infinite number of options, resulting in the inability to make a decision ... also known as “analysis paralysis”.
Analysis Paralysis is the result of trying to make important decisions solely based on your logical mind”.  Thankfully our logical mind is great for sorting out the facts .  Yet the problem is understanding the implications of our decision is more than our logical mind can handle.  Decisions brings pros and cons.  We usually weigh them out and sometimes seek counsel.  Then our logical mind ties itself up in knots trying to sort out which pros are the best and which cons are the worst!  
Arghhhhhhhh ... so where does this leave us?  Since feelings isn’t really the logical minds “speciality”, making decisions with the whole self is the key.  The more we are in contact with our “inner feeling self”, the more we will be in touch with it.  Intuition or instinct is a way of knowing without being given verbal information.  It is a knowing that comes from feeling.  It is the intelligence behind feeling.  And we frequently lose it due to the lack of use and the over use of rationality.
We start to learn whether it is our intuition speaking to us or simply anxiety.  It is obviously intuition when it is a feeling.  Feelings are felt in our entire body, they are genuine, real and trustworthy.  Emotions are reactions to what is happening and carry around a sack of memories from past situations where we have been unable to effectively express our self.  
So identify if you have cleared outstanding issues, and that what you are dealing with is the present one.  Make sure you use your logical mind to gather the facts while checking in with your gut.  
Head or Heart ... Ego or Gut
And even I may not be further ahead in making some decisions, I do know that "I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I failed to do" ...

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