Wednesday, November 7, 2012

" Are You Passionate? ... "

Are you passionate?
Are you livin' like you talk?
Are you dreamin' now
that you're goin' to the top? ...

Are you loving it?
Can you ever get enough of it?
Is it everything?
A love that never stops ...

Are you scared of it?
Do you wish that it would stop?
Does it bother you
when you hear your spirit talk? ...

Well I'm right with you,
Yes I'm right with you.
It's working on me,
It's working on you.
It's working on me.

~ Neil Young ~ Are You Passionate? ~

Passion ... defined as “a strong desire towards a self-defining activity that one likes or loves, values high and in which one invests time and energy”.  

So what are you passionate about?  

Personally, I am striving to live a purposeful life, therefore I want my life to be filled with passionate pursuits.  Now, I work, when I want to, on my terms, allowing me time to write, learn and research.  And I continue interact with others about inspiring topics.  The plan is to continue building my life in this fashion.  

Studies have shown that those who are passionate about daily activities are likely to have greater zest and energy for life ... a sense of meaning in what they do.  This harmonious passion leads to self-growth, happiness, greater well-being and fulfillment.

Sounds good but not sure where to start?  Well ask yourself, what in you life do you love to do, has importance and has you devoting most of your time?  The beauty is, the sky is the limit.  No restrictions, no rules ... just ask.  You see, regardless of what your passion is, it is crucial that you have moments in your day where you are filled with that enthusiasm and gratification.

Any pitfalls?  Yes! ... our passions can lose their impact on our well-being when they become tainted with external factors.  For some, our passions separate from our livelihood when we try to turn something we love to do into a tireless quest for wealth.  We set ourselves up for misery simply because take away the emotional benefits for an external reward.

So is is possible to blend passion and profit?  Yes!  Just ask those who say “I love my job”, because to them, it isn’t a job.  My husband Russell is one when you ask, “What would you do in retirement?” ... his response ... he has no reason to retire because what he does “isn’t work” ... he truly LOVES what he does and is passionate about it.  To me, truly awesome!

Feeling a sense of control & balance in your life related to your passion.

Personally ...
  • I am passionate about my loving relationships which fill my life with colour, movement and light
  • I am passionate about exercise, meditation and yoga
  • I am passionate about the work I do and the contribution I make to the lives of others
  • I am passionate about learning and sharing with other inspiring people I continually meet

And the list goes on ... you see to me, passion is energy ... it is what powers my day.  It is the necessary fuel for a healthy mind, like good food for our bodies.  Or body and soul is required to drive our passion because when our lust for life wanes, things lose their lustre.  

When you lose track of time, lost in the pleasure of doing something you love ... 
When you spend time with your girlfriends, feel motivated and full of great ideas ...
When you alive every moment you spend with the love of your life ... That is passion!  

Our passion for life is what gives our life colour ... from grey to a technicolour dream coat.  It is what turns you on because You know it with all your being and You live it with all your might.  

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