Wednesday, May 6, 2015

" I'll Meet You ... "

“Yeah these windows are crying
And this train is dying
To meet you

This train is filled with emotions
They all make me think about you
When we pass these old desert stations
I want to go there with you meet you
... to meet you”

~ Teitur ~ I’ll Meet You ~

Having been immersed in yoga teacher training for the last few months, I have faced the majesty mess of life.  Our matt is a reflection of everything we have endured to date.  The good, the bad, the ugly ... and the injuries.  

... similar to life, the state of yoga is flexibility, strength, consistency, practice and patience ...

Sharing space with like-minded yogi’s has been educational.  Our combined cheer for mental, physical and emotional health.  However like anything we tackle in life, you decide your intentions.  Some gravitate towards competition, the rest of us, towards health.  

And there are plenty of mistakes to be made when learning something new.  Within the excitement a beautifully layered cake of anxiety, nervousness and fear, stepping into the unknown takes courage.  So being aware of your ego traps can help you navigate situations more smoothly.  So what are ego traps???  ... when you get stuck by comparing yourself with others, comparing your body to how it was years prior, pushing your body too hard without awareness, inconsistency in your practice and getting impatient with your body.

... at this moment, 
this is where I am ... with this breath and this body ...

It is about getting over yourself and how you think it should be.  The image, the experience, the interaction, the communication ... may not match your ideal vision, but what does occur, what comes up is an opportunity for exploration.

From experience, this discovery can bring to light the things you’ve buried, avoided and had great resistance with.  Some may find it odd to compare an Asana to what is occurring in your life.  Yet the posture you resist the most, you need the most.  Much like life.  Our soul knows and channels us through these moments to get us to the other side.  The other side of fear.

Sometimes the leap from where we are and where we want to be is to great. My meditation teacher advised that I make friends with it, that leap, that gap, rather than be in resistance to it.  A simple philosophy, hard to apply at times.

So we start over.  We meet ourselves all over, again.  And realize that when we meet ourselves where we are, whether it be on a yoga matt, or in a place of transition ... we are a work in progress.  And a beautiful one at that.  

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