Tuesday, February 17, 2015

" Show Up ... "

“ Thought so, haz-ey (eh)
Chillin on that cloud
thinking i might be crazy
Kinda been thinking about it lately ... 

But they will never play me
My game play is amazing
Who could ever knowwww
What the future holdsss
But will you pay attention
When my storys told

We aint getting young, we only getting old
So now i live life
By a different code
Gotta live life like
I will never die
Only pray for one thing
Thats to stay forever fly, Yeah ... “

~ Kid Cudi ~ Show Up ~

There are plenty of triggers so you don’t feel good about yourself.  You start to turn away and figure you are just not worth it.  You stop giving to yourself along the way because someone somewhere told you that you were just plain selfish.  

Yet something amazing happens when you choose to show up and commit to yourself.  In those moments there is freedom to be who you are and do what makes you feel good.  There aren’t any one(s) doubting you.  There aren’t any one(s) sabotaging you.  Because showing up for YOU is a life long process and it is all about you.  It is about love, compassion and acceptance of SELF.  When you show up for you, you show up for your dreams, your goals and your aspirations.  Your self-worth is based on what’s happening within you and not based on others approval.

Sounds simply but .... and it is a practice ... it is not easy, especially if you are like me who wants to be of service to others.  Not a martyr, just a helper.  Personally, a constant self-reminder to myself helps me ... to remind myself that I have everything I need to show up for me and choose me.  That I come first for me and no one else.

The best way is to let go
Let go of what happened before 
because it can’t be changed, modified or erased ... 

How do you let go of what has happened before? ... you LOVE YOURSELF - all of you.  The ugly and the good, the dark and the light, the anger and the joy.  It is all there within you available to explore.  Perhaps some are concerned of the optics, the visual and how this will all be for others ... yet does it really matter?  

And how do you begin to love ... 
you FORGIVE you
Your opinion of you matters most ... 

For some, it is a badge of honor to keep the legacy of pain alive, you know the pain you grew up with.  It is useful when things go wrong, or right.  It is useful when we want to blame someone else.  It is useful when we play ... victim.

Does this seem like a practice to become self centered and self absorbed?  Not if you commit with a pure and authentic heart.  You see self esteem isn’t about being falsely supported or protected.  It isn’t about convincing others or erasing differences.  It is simply about being kind, patient and compassionate towards yourself regardless of your flaws.  

When you show up for yourself, you begin to recognize your imperfections as an asset.  It is what makes you unique and you.  

Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose and commit myself to, what is best for me ―Paulo Coelho, The Zahir


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