Thursday, June 7, 2012

" Let It Grow ... "

Plant your love and let it grow.
Let it grow, let it grow
Let it blossom, let it flow
In the sun, the rain
the snow,Love is lovely
let it grow ... 
Looking for a reason
to check out of my mind
Playing hard to get a
friend that I can count on
When there's nothing left to show
Plant yout love and let it grow ... 
Time is getting shorter
there's much for you to do
Only ask and you will
get what you are needing
The rest is up to you
Plant your love and let it grow.
~ Eric Clapton ~ Let It Grow ~ 
With a gorgeous sunny day today, I took the opportunity to finishing planting veggies, the second rotation, in our garden boxes today.  And it is so satisfying ... If you remember last year, Russell built four boxes out of untreated cedar wood and materials.   Our neighbours were so intrigued, they asked if he could build some for them as well.  And thanks to beginner’s luck, we had all sorts of vegetables to choose from.
This year, we got smarter and decided to rotate our crops and stagger when we planted the seeds.  We had an abundance of lettuce last year, more than we could manage, and yes that is a great deal considering I still have green juices 4 times a day!
We highly recommend the brand, Seeds of Change.  They are certified organic and in an environmentally friendly package.  
We are awaiting growth from the following foods, full of vitamins and nutrients, and of course some of it is used for the Gerson greens we juice:
Mesculan Salad Mix







Shell Peas


And you may think, why bother growing your own veggies?  Well it definitely takes time, care and patience ... and you basically have to want to do it.  But some other reasons include: 
  • saving you money
  • giving you the satisfaction of knowing what goes into your food
  • allowing you to become healthier fast
  • and nothing is more local than food grown in your own backyard, your windowsills, or on patio containers
I know that gardening is not for everyone, but it allows Russell and I to share the goodness from our garden with our loved ones ... something we are more than happy to do.

let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food ~ Hippocrates

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